Lipton Sun Orb



This project was an installation for Lipton’s summer solstice party that celebrates the sun, summer and Lipton ice tea. The goal was to create twenty-four hours of sunlight.

The Sun Orb utilizes a combination of lighting and reflective surfaces to create an experience that remains dynamic throughout the range of ambient light conditions inherent in an outdoor installation; from the bright sun through twilight into night. The orange and yellow colors represent the sun as well as the Lipton brand identity.

Installed in the sand at the end of pier 17, the Sun Orb was a beacon of summer not only for the Lipton Solstice Celebration but for the whole East River. Visible from as far away as the Williamsburg bridge and Brooklyn Heights, the Sun Orb shone for three days and nights.

This project was a multi-disciplinary collaboration between four students.
Caroline Matthews (Communications Design),
Robin Oglesbee-Venghaus (Industrial Design),
Sebastian Jacobo (Industrial Design) and
Dakota Sika (Sculpture).